Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Walking Phoenixes 2013 Tour Dates

The Walking Phoenixes-Los Angeles, CA 90068, United States

The Walking Phoenixes are proud to announce their 2013 tour dates. These men in black will kick off their tour in Simi Valley, CA at The Hummingbird Nest Ranch, April 20th, where they will open for John Michael Montgomery. They will continue their tour to Northridge, Temecula and then Father’s Day weekend at the Ventura Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA for the Road Show Revival, Johnny Cash Tribute Festival on June 15th.  As of this release, the confirmed shows are:

4/20/13 Hummingbird Nest Ranch, Simi Valley, CA
6/07/13 Northridge Amphitheater, Northridge, CA
6/15/13 Road Show Revival Johnny Cash Festival, Ventura, CA
6/21/13 Rolling Hills Country Club Summer Concert Series, Palos Verdes, CA
7/04/13 Branstetter Ranch, Billings, MT
7/25/13 Northridge Fashion Center, Northridge, CA
7/27/13 Central Park Amphitheater, La Palma, CA
7/30/13 Cowboy Palace, Chatsworth,CA
7/31/13 Signal Hill Park, Signal Hill, CA
8/10/13 Center Stage, Lake Arrowhead, CA
8/15/13 Marshall Fairgrounds, Marshall, MN
8/17/13 American Legion Hall, Granite Falls, MN
8/21/13 Four Rivers Cultural Center, Ontario, OR
8/23/13 Boise, ID
8/24/13 Whiskey Jacques, Ketchum, ID
9/19/13 Bex Bandstand, Lancaster, CA

The Walking Phoenixes started off the year with a show in Folsom, CA at Three Stages Performing Arts Center, to honor the Correctional Peace Officers that served at the Folsom State Prison.  A month later, the Los Angeles based band celebrated Johnny Cash’s birthday weekend at Poway Center for the Performing Arts in Poway, CA, by honoring the lives of two slain Poway High School students. Both theater performances were very intimate and paid tribute to more than just the Man in Black, further exemplifying their mission to use their stage for creating awareness and shedding light where there is darkness.

This premier Johnny Cash tribute band is based out of Los Angeles, CA and prides themselves on playing prestigious upscale theaters, summer concert series’, festivals and private events.  The Walking Phoenixes are Drewin Young (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), Jared Miller (bass), Nick Ineck (drums), Greg Karagianis (lead guitar) and Laurelyn Arrington as June Carter. 
For band info, videos, tickets and current tour dates, visit:

High Empire Entertainment
Attention: Nick Ineck
3915 Fredonia Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Friday, April 5, 2013

Our first Royal (Almost) Interview: Joshua Ovenshire "TheJovenshire"

A few weeks ago I was able to sit down with my good friend Joshua Ovenshire - one of the hosts of Smosh Games and recent contestant on TBS' "King of the Nerds". If you don't know who he is, first of all, wake up, second, google him. 

There, was that fun? 

He is the all-nerding- video-gaming-youtubing-geekout extraordinaire.  Having just lived through the episode of his demise on the show Joshua was ready to speak. We met at a terrible 50's-ish fast food diner, and Joshua - er - TheJovenshire (just don't call him '"Josh")  filled me in on some of the details of his fascinating life.

How would you define the term "Nerd"?
In society it likes to get broken down as a nerd is someone who is book smart, and a geek is someone that is into pop culture items such as Dr. Who or Star Wars. For me, I think it's all universal; a nerd/geek is just someone who is really into at least one subject. You can be a math nerd or a Lord of the Rings Nerds. It's just liking what you like, and letting everyone know it.

Tell us about what your day-to-day is like in the Nerdworld.
Just like anyone else's day. Just much cooler. I work on a youtube channel, SmoshGames, so I get in, play some video games, film a video for my channel, TheJovenshire, then head home after work to watch TV and read comics.

What do you do when you aren't playing video games or doing nerd stuff?
I like to spend as much time with friends as possible. My week stays pretty busy and stressful with work, so when I can step away from the nerd scene, I just like to relax with a drink in my hand and enjoy some good company.

Who was your biggest Nerd-fluence?
I try to do my own thing and take from very few others, but I would have to say my dad. He's the reason that I'm into all the things I'm into today. He does special effects for movies - he knew that's what he wanted to do, followed his dream, and made it happen. If I'm going to follow in any one's footsteps, it'd be his.

Let's talk about King of the Nerds...
Was it more heaven or hell living in a house with 10 other super-nerds, and how was that different than what you do everyday?
Living in a house with that many people, no matter the size of the house, is a tough situation. Especially when you have cameras on you the entire time. But truth be told, those were some of the coolest nerds I've ever met. And hanging out with them was just a blast. I miss that most from the show. Just being able to hang out and trade nerdy stories.

I see from facebook and twitter that you and Ivan are still good friends - despite him voting you off in the 5th Episode of King of the Nerds - how has that been? Have you two discussed the incident?
We've all bounced back from the decisions of the show. The friendship was stronger than that. He made the choice he felt was the best to help him win 100 thousand dollars. Even I can respect that. 

Its no secret that you and Danielle don't see...well... eye to eye. Can you shed any light on the feud?
Where there is a lot of money on the line, and the stress of having cameras catching your every moment awake, you get a bit stressed and sometimes mistakes will be made that hurt other people. Whether I was seen as a bad guy, or a guy playing the game at the time just gets overshadowed by the fact that me and Danielle are best bros now. We're both Youtubers working in the same field, so I'm glad we were able to make up.

You're kind of made out to be the bad guy in a lot of your shots, on youtube and King Of the Nerds. Do you like taking on this persona?
People who know me may be so bold as to call me "sweet", so to be able to be the bad guy here and there is always fun. Really it's just an exaggeration of my characters, so perhaps I really am the bad guy. Now that's a fun thought....

Seriously - why'd you keep going for the Nerf gun in the 5th episode - resulting in your demise?
HAHAHAAHA! I ask myself the same question everyday. But really, we were filming in triple digits heat, getting pegged by tennis balls and thrown around by a sumo wrestler. Yeah, it was a bit disorienting. I just got knocked around enough so I kept forgetting what box I had picked.

We've seen your videos "Why We're Single", and we saw you getting friendly (or not) with the girls on King of the Nerd after a few drinks: so inquiring minds want to know - what's really going on in the Jovenshire's love life?
People never believe me when I say this, but all though I come off as a very confident individual, at my core I'm a shy nerd. So I'm not very forward when it comes to pursuing a girl. But really, as for my love life now, it's fairly inactive. I spend so much time focusing on work, I normally lose out on any opportunities. But I am looking for someone that I can come home to after work and just hang out with. Who knows, maybe that's right around the corner for me. But as for now, there are plenty of zombies who need to be killed. I'll tend to that.

Are there any rumors you'd like to expel - or is there anything you'd like your fans to know?
No I don't have any super powers, and no I don't fight crime at night. Please don't inquire further into these rumors. I swear i'm not a super hero....

Besides King of the Nerds and Smosh, what other projects are you involved in?
SmoshGames is getting larger every day, and we're so excited about that. But now, I've launched my own youtube channel, TheJovenshire, where I put up vids where I can connect with my audience a bit more and give them a chance to see who I really am when I'm not being a "personality"

I mostly write about fashion - so I have to ask, how would you describe your style?
Well, I do enjoy clothes actually. I swear I have more shirts in my closet than a woman. Most of my attire is pretty nerdy, and with so many great geek shirts out there, it just leads to me needing a larger closet. But I have been questioned about how "nerdy" I really am, because I don't always look the part. And to that I say that I believe in the whole "look good, feel good" mentality. I just like to be presentable.

And here it is - the question we ask in all of our interviews - What do the words "Glitz, Glam, and Mayhem" mean to you?
You have to live out loud and look damn good while you're doing it. 

TheJovenshire mid interview - always on his phone. :)

You can check out more of TheJovenshire on the interweb:

Twitter - @TheJovenshire
Facebook - Joshua Ovenshire
King of the Nerds - Official Website

You can follow me here:
Twitter - @JillianBird
InstaGram - JillianBird

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore - California Winter

I haven't posted anything in a while and I don't want Brittiany to kill me for being lazy (nor would I like to die via Maltese...) So I gathered some post pictures from a November shoot that never made it - enjoy!

I wore this for a fall to winter transition outfit but I think it still makes sense in a California January (when there isn't an annoying cold-snap going on.) Chambray + Maroon + Eggplant is one of my favorite winter color schemes - so many different warm combinations that will work all the way through Valentines Day.

Pleated Skirt and Chambray shirt - both from Forever 21. Some could experiment with tucking the shirt in but it didn't look right on me that way. The dark-purple suede boots were a gift to me from our good friend Maricela (& photo editor) over at Maricela D.Alvarez Designs.

Stay tuned for more outfit posts now that the sun is staying up longer! As we spring into Spring (and seriously I was over winter on December 26) I'll be talking about my upcoming trip to Honduras, moving west, and my brother getting married!

For more Style-Inspo follow me on 
And the cool new app - Vine - @Jillian Pollard

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thomas Ian Nicholas Band

I was lucky enough to interview Thomas Nicholas a while back. 
We spoke about his music career with Thomas Ian Nicholas Band, and how much of himself he puts into his albums. 

Photo Courtesy of TINBand
Almost everyone recognizes you as Kevin from the American Pie movies, Henry from Rookie Of The Year, and lots of other movies; but you have been playing music for almost 16 years now. How do you balance both an acting & music career?

The key to balancing both is, coffee and a lot of it. With the right amount of caffeine I don't need as much sleep which allows me more time to pursue both careers.

You released an album last March. Can you tell us about it?

TNB's latest EP is self titled. It was produced and mixed by Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd). On the drums we've got Bobby Amaru, who's now the lead singer of Saliva. Bobby even co-wrote a couple of songs with Damien and me. It was our goal to create a more straight forward rock sound than my last album. We also focused on making the chorus hooks as anthemic as possible.

I sensed a theme on this album. It is almost like you had a rebel streak, and have 'who you are' figured out on this album. Can you give us some insight to your writing process and inspiration?

I've always been a fan of the Foo Fighters so I drew a lot of inspiration from them. I think I listened to their latest album 'Wasting Light' about 300 times while writing and recording the songs for my EP. It got to the point that when we would get stuck on a song, Damien and I would simply ask eachother, "What would Grohl do?"

One of the songs on the album is the James cover "Laid". This happens to be one of my all time favorite songs, and I must admit your cover is the best one I have heard. 
How did you decide to add this song to the album?

On the set of American Reunion this summer, Jason Biggs and Eddie Kaye Thomas asked me if I ever covered the song "LAID" at any of my concerts. I dig the song but I never really thought of playing it until that moment.  

The original version by JAMES was released in 1993 and then it was covered by Matt Nathanson in 2003. I figured it was time for a new version.

"My Generation" is featured on the soundtrack of your newest movie, American Reunion. 
What was it like combining your musical and acting careers? 

I've been trying to get a song on the soundtrack album of every American Pie movie since the very first one. So the converging of my two careers isn't based upon pulling rank, or asking for a favor. It wasn't until Jon and Hayden, the directors of American Reunion, saw my live concert that it all finally came together. I have to admit I was pretty darn excited about it, and I still am.

We end all of our interviews asking the question:
What do the words "Glitz, "Glam", & "Mayhem" mean to you?

Glitz and Glam aren't really in my wheel house so for me they are both weird. Mayhem on the other hand is the basis of rock and roll. In my opinion, it represents going your own way.
Photo Courtesy Of TINBand

Want more on Thomas Ian Nicholas Band?
On Twitter
On Facebook

Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Day 2013

The BIG GAME is Sunday. 
Since someone owns the rights to the name of said game we are not going to use the official title.

BUT we will give you some fun tips on how to enjoy the day.

Dress Cute, Not Crazy
game day clothes

Unless you are like some crazed 49er's or Raven's fan a cute tee shirt will suffice. I'm talking to you girl at the party cheering too loud to impress a crush. He gets it...We all do!

Be a Snacker


Now is not the time to bust out the Weight Watchers fat free greek yogurt dip (I don't care what they are telling you at that meeting). This is the time for having fun, and not worrying about getting buffalo sauce on your shirt. I'm talking to you girl at the party asking about Pellegrino and salad options.... He gets it...We all do!

Have Fun

And yes, by fun I mean drink. Really unless you're me (and you're not me..I don't think) how many opportunities do you get to day drink? Seriously? 

90% of the people at this game are not a "fan" of the teams playing, so there is no need to get all crazy and intense, unless you have money on the game, then shut your mouth and hope for the right spread. 

But in all honesty it is okay to talk and have fun. I have been to too many of these parties where all the girls stare intently at the TV and never say a word beyond the "Go Go GO", or stayed by their date the whole time. Maybe I am just a total freak, but I am not super interested in watching a game I have nothing invested in. Although I am always willing to meet cool new friends!

 I am going to leave off where I started; If you are a fan of the teams playing, by all means glue your butt to the couch and watch all the glory or tragedy play out in front of you. If not, just find a friend, check in every quarter, and get interested in the last 15 minutes.

What are your "Big Game" plans?

I'm always on Twitter to listen! 


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